When I Dip, You Dip, We Dip

This dip is BOMB


I acquired it from a friend in college, and it has been my go-to ever since! (Thanks Mel!)
So easy to make and super DUPER healthy AND yummy! Can a girl get a HELL YEAH?!?

1 red pepper
1 green pepper
½ onion
3/4 package of mangos (I find them in the produce section next to the sliced pineapple and watermelon packages)
1 can black beans
1 can red kidney beans
1 can corn

1. Drain/rinse all beans + corn in strainer.
2. Chop up all peppers, onion + mango (the smaller the better)
3. Throw all ingredients into large mixing bowl + mix with large spoon
4. Add a quick drizzle of fat free Italian dressing (I use wishbone) – This step is optional. If you are making the dip close to serving time, it helps add a little extra juice/flavor. But if the party is the next day (p.s. way to go on being prepared!!) then you don’t necessarily need the dressing. The juices from the veggies + fruit will do their magic overnight.

*Serve with Tostitos (or my personal fave from the vending machine: Fritos’ Scoops!!)
It can be an appetizer or even a healthy lunch. P.S. the boys like it too 



Curly Hair: Friend or Foe

Well, another rainy day came along and here I sit with my hair tousled in knots and larger than I can even deal with right now. It feels dirty, dry, wild and borderline-homeless.

A bit dramatic? No. This thing is a beast that I just can’t seem to tame. During my commute I kept it down, after an hour at work I put it half up in a pony, and now? Now, 3 hours later, it’s in a top-knot that doesn’t seem so “top-rated”. Yes, I’ve given up and I’m not even half way through my day. I might as well close my lap top and just head on home.

This might not be the case for everyone, but for me… My hair-status makes or breaks my mood. The reason for the “friend or foe” title to this post? Well, it’s something that all women have been hearing since they were little girls. “Curly hair? OMG! You are SO lucky!” or “Straight hair? OMG! I would die to be able to let my hair air-dry and be ready to go! You’ve got it SO good!” Yep. It’s the timeless tale of never (never ever ever) being happy with what you’ve got. And today, I’m the prime example of someone else’s friend being my foe. I’ve gotten 3 compliments (all before noon) on just how gorgeous my natural curls are. And yes, every time I have said thank you with a scour on my face, followed by an argument on why I believe I don’t have it so good. I mean come on! Monday, new jeans: nothing. Tuesday, new sweater: nothing. Wednesday, flashy necklace: nothing! And today, Thursday: Bad hair and a bad attitude and everyone’s up in smiles. I don’t get it and no I don’t want to. I just want to sit here mad with my bad hair. Counting down the hours until I get to go home, shower, wash this mess and start all over again. It’s a lesson I haven’t given myself in over a month. Stop waking up late, or this happens. Because yes, GREAT HAIR MATTERS.

My learning: Get a good night’s sleep, make sure you have enough time to get ready, and take care of yourself. Because when you don’t, it’s an uphill battle for the next 24 hours that you just didn’t get enough rest to handle. Take it from me. I’ve got a lot to accomplish today, and all I can think about is how uncomfortable I am in my own skin. We need to take care of ourselves first and foremost, in order to have the confidence and endurance to handle everything and everyone else.

Is hair an extreme version of this? Perhaps for you, but not for me.

Let’s just say that tomorrow… Tomorrow, I am going to look FABULOUS.


The Fear

Yikes! First real blog post EVER!! I have to confess that I am a little bit nervous about this. I have been writing in a journal for as far back as I can remember…back when I had a little Hallmark diary with a key that I hid from my two younger brothers underneath my mattress. But the fact that I am now writing here for the world to see is super scary! Like what if I am just plain old uninteresting?! I feel like a have a million things to talk about but don’t have a clue where to start. I am trying to think of the blogs that I love to read and why I love to read them and I’m realizing it is because I can relate to them. I am also realizing that it is impossible to relate to EVERYONE out there, but hopefully between the 2 of us, we can come up with lots of things to spark your interest and keep you coming back to us!

Starting this blog is important to us for 3 reasons:
1). We feel very strongly about food, fashion and fitness and loooove to talk about it, especially with friends who loooove to hear about it!
2). It gives us a great excuse to spend quality time together, working and playing! Check out these delicious cranberry margaritas we “worked” over just this past weekend!
3). It also gives us a great excuse to try out new recipes, trends, and workouts. And then take ridiculous photos and videos of them.

It may take a bit for us to get comfortable here, but please don’t write us off just yet! There are many fun posts coming your way, and we think (hope?) you are going to love them!